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TPI Works

We provide real-time solutions enhancing design, customized software development, conceptualization and ideation, sourcing and manufacturing.


  • Expand your creative capability and realize your own collections without limits
  • Extend your reach with your own eyewear and sunwear on demand.  
  • Distribute your own 3D printed line or limited-edition models.
  • Design without Limitations


  • Create rapid full color prototypes quickly
  • Print parts/fronts in 3D 
  • No stocking materials/no tooling cost


  • Manufacture in a more sustainable way with an experienced 3D printing team. 
  • Launch a private label collection for your retail location.  
  • Offer custom-fitted eyewear printed to unique patient specifications. 
  • Launch timely and on-trend collections, easily.

Brand Owners

  • Offer new, engaging buying experiences
  • Test product before committing resources
  • Sell direct to consumer eyewear and sunwear on demand