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Real Life Full Color 3D Printing Results

Introducing Small-Scale Sculpting  

After releasing renders of our most recent design tests, we now have the print for you to compare. One of our goals focused mainly on finding the boundaries of a small, finely detailed sculpture on a thin frame. The outcome? An incredible floral sculpture that highlights the enormous potential that 3D printing technology has for the eyewear industry. 

The Beauty of Organic Shapes and Colors 

We made the decision to create a thicker frame and dive into the world of substance colors in another exciting project. The result was a frame that surprised with its remarkable metal look in addition to its organic shape. It is proof of the adaptability of 3D printing that eyewear may be both artistically and functionally designed. 

Releasing Freeform Design’s Potential  

However, our research didn’t end there. Our drive to push the limits in eyewear design by experimenting with freeform tubes and lines led to the Star frame. Our choice of cotton for a color demonstrates how imaginative eyewear can be. 

With every project, we are changing the eyewear market and demonstrates to us that 3D printing is a world of limitless possibilities rather than just a technique for manufacture. We want you to join us on this adventure as our work pushes the boundaries of what eyewear can be.  

What are your thoughts on these innovative outcomes? Join the discussion on the direction of eyewear design by leaving your input below. We’re only getting started on this adventure, and TPI is leading the way. 

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