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With TPI Discover the Future Now

A New Reality for an Evolving Market

Fulfill your eyewear dreams in full color 

Full color printing means our 3D printing technology can produce a full spectrum of color. If you can dream it, we can print it.

  • Endless texture and sculpting capabilities.  
  • Revolutionary full color printing process

Evolve with ever-changing eyewear trends

Trends change fast, and often on a whim. Exciting as it is, eyewear designers must keep up or risk producing unsold products. TPI’s unique ‘design on demand’ is the fastest way to create new eyewear designs

Make excess inventory a thing of the past 

Write unused materials and excess inventory out of your story. Now you can manufacture without tools, wasted material, or minimum order quantities for more sustainable eyewear collections.   

Limitless design, rapid production 

Your design dreams are limitless, and so are our design capabilities. And we can take those dreams from design to production in as little as a single day. The TPI proprietary software completes the dream, creating the opportunity to go directly  from design to 3D  production. 

  • Unmatched speed of design and production. 
  • Rapid on demand/ minimal stock.
  • Unprecedented intricate design features possible.
  • Individual  or multiple styles per print run